INSPIRingTURKEY, Avrupa Konumsal Bilgi Altyapisi Kurulmasi (INSPIRE) projesinin Turkiyede uygulanmasi icin mevzuat, teknoloji ve standart boyutuyla kapasite gelisimine yonelik kurulan egitim platformudur.

INSPIRingTURKEY is an educational platform that is built for capacity building of the policy, technical, and standard aspects to practice Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) project in Turkey
  • This course explains the importance and basic components of Geographical information Systems (GIS) and how to use geographic information in our daily life. That gives general information about data collection techniques, data types, and quality principles.

  • Developing database technologies enables effective management of geo-data sets coming from differenit sources to provide information for decision makers. This course aims to give information about database related concepts.

  • This course gives information about rules and specifications for geographic data modeling. Designing data models with UML schemas, basic concepts of XML and GML, and other geographic data models are explained.
  • This course give information about geographic data standards developed by ISO/TC211 and OGC.
  • This course provides the necessary background information to evaluate and implement SDI for geographic data providers and users. SDI components, hierarchy, and best practices are explained.

  • This course deals with the main elements of the INSPIRE Directive with its context and background, an overview of the directive and the related implementing rules, and the potential for new innovative solutions based on INSPIRE.
  • This course focuses on the topic of INSPIRE data specifications and the interoperability of data sets and services. One of the major goals of INSPIRE is to create harmonized data sets that can be used seamlessly in cross-border applications. In this way, this course gives common definitions for the different themes covered by INSPIRE.
  • This course describes what metadata is and how important it is for data access within a distributed computing environment. The course is focused on the role of metadata in INSPIRE to search and discover available geographic datasets and services with required standards and elements.
  • This course focuses on the principles and concepts of web service technology and the main characteristics of web services and gives the technical information to enable the implementation of INSPIRE Network Services. The course provides examples of services depending on the requirements of the applicable Implementing Rules and Technical Guidelines of INSPIRE.
  • This course defines and describes the basic concepts of data harmonization and schema translation, focuses on how to transform existing data to the structures foreseen by INSPIRE.